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Fotografías en venta

Photographs for sale

Fine Art Prints

Measurements and prices.

These are the available photography formats, however do not hesitate to ask if you want to acquire a photograph in a different format.

Medida Papel_page-0001.jpg

Prices do not include shipping costs.

The printing is carried out in an artisanal process on archival quality barite paper, turned to selenium, gold or sulfur of high museum conservation in the case of silver emulsion. The Digital Printing ones include a Temafix treatment on the copy, for its durability.

All the copies are delivered mounted in a neutral pH passepartout (acid free) with adhesive tapes also neutral pH, special for museums. Signed, sealed and numbered. Also if you wish you can deliver only the copy, without any assembly.

Each work is accompanied by a signed and sealed certificate of authenticity.

If you are interested in the acquisition of some of the works, or make any query, you can do so by e-mail in CONTACT, please indicate the modality and format (measure) of the same.

© 2020 Rogelio Camargo · Photographer

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